Create UPS labels with Qapla’

Function available for  Italy and Spain.

In order to print UPS shipping labels directly on Qapla’, it is necessary to request to your carrier’s contact person for the following access data:

  • Account number

To complete the connection you will have to log-in to your Qapla’ account, select the channel and go on the section 4. Carriers > UPS to make the authentication for UPS with Oauth.

Clicking on the “Authorize App” button, a window will open up and you will need to login therein with your UPS access data and to proceed with the authorization.


Labels format

It is possible to print UPS labels in the following formats:

  • A4
  • Zebra PDF (102x150mm)
  • Zebra ZPL* (Browser Print)
  • Zebra ZPL*(

To print your labels in Zebra ZPL format with, you shall:

  1. Download and install the QZ. Tray driver
  2. Follow the instructions of this link: