Create GLS Italia shipping labels with Qapla’

Function available for Italy.

To create GLS Italia shipping labels directly on Qapla’, you need to enable the following service:

Web Integrated Labeling Service, made by your own local GLS branch through the menù of Definizione Utente Remoto assigning value “2”.

Required data:

  • Customer Code
  • Contract Code
  • Branch
  • Password


Labels format

It is possible to print GLS Italia labels in the following formats:

  • A4 (4 labels 105x148mm)
  • A6 
  • Zebra PDF (102x150mm)
  • Zebra PDF (104x100mm)
  • Zebra ZPL (104x100mm) (

To print your labels in Zebra ZPL format, it is necessary:

    1. Download and install the QZ. Tray driver
    2. Follow the instructions in the link: