Create BRT Labels with Qapla’

Function available for Italy.

To print BRT shipping labels directly on Qapla’, you need to enable one of the following services:

  1. Disk B Solution WS REST, this will be enabled by your own local BRT branch and by the “POC” area, so the requet should be done to your commercial contact.
  2. Operative mode to be enabled:
    • Explicit confirmation (preferable option for Qapla’)
    • Auto confirmation (contact for more information)

Required data:

  • Customer Code
  • User REST
  • Password REST
    • DPD
    • EuroExpress
    • FedEx
    • DPD Direct Infeed


Labels format

It is possible to print BRT labels in the following formats:

  • PDF A4 x 4 (4 labels 105x148mm)
  • PDF A4 x 8 (8 labels 100x68mm BRT Logo)
  • PDF A6 (1 label 105x148mm)
  • PDF 102x150mm
  • ZPL 95x65mm (BRT Logo) (Browser Print)
  • ZPL 102x150mm (Browser Print)
  • Zebra ZPL 102x150mm (
  • Zebra ZPL 95x65mm BRT Logo (
  • Zebra ZPL (

To print your labels in Zebra ZPL with format, it is necessary:

      1. Download and install the QZ. Tray driver
      2. Follow the instructions in the link: