How to install

  1. Qz Tray requires to install Java 8 or later versions, please download it from here:
  2. Download and install QZ Tray:
    In order to install the Linux or Apple Version, click on “Show all systems

Printer Settings on Qapla’

Attention please:

Zebra Printer or a compatible one should be set-up as Generic / Text Only.
For further details about this printer setting, please have a look to the following guide:
Zebra Printer Setup

Once configured the printer as Generic / Text Only, please follow the following steps:

  1. On Qapla’ Control panel, click on:
    Settings > ZPL Printers  and check up the Connection Status (Qz Tray driver must be active)
  2. “Action Required” pop-up will appear to confirm the QZ Tray connection. Please click on “Allow”.
  3. Make a printing test by clicking on the “ZPL label printing test” button.