Create TNT Italia Labels with Qapla’

Function available for Italy.

In order to print TNT Italia shipping labels directly on Qapla’, it is necessary to request to your carrier’s contact person to enable the following service:

Web Service for printing labels, pick-up request and tracking.

Data required for set-up:

  • Customer Code for national shipments
  • Customer Code for international shipments
  • Customer ID
  • User ID
  • Web Services password


Labels format

You can print TNT Italia labels in the following formats:

  • A4
  • PDF / A6 / Zebra
  • A4x4 (4 labels 105x148mm)
  • Zebra PDF (102x150mm)
  • Zebra ZPL (

To print your labels in Zebra ZPL format with, you shall:

  1. Download and install the QZ. Tray driver
  2. Follow the instructions of this link: