Create AMAZON Shipping Labels with Qapla’

Function available for Italy.

In order to print Amazon Shipping labels directly on Qapla’, you have to follow this authorization procedure:

1. Authorize application

Clicking on the “Authorize App” button,  a window will open up where you will have to log-in to Amazon Shipping with your own ID data and then click on Login.


2. Confirm authorization

Activate the check box which allows Qapla’ to connect to your Amazon Shipping account and press the “Authorize” button.


3. Confirm the authorization just made

A new pop-up window will appear to confirm the authorization.

Now you can close both pop-up windows that were opened at this stage.


Labels format

It is possible to print Amazon Shipping labels in the following formats:

To print your labels in Zebra ZPL format, it is necessary:

  1. To download and install the QZ. Tray driver
  2. To follow the instructions of this link: