Connect Qapla’ to Magento

In order to connect Qapla’ to your Magento, the following steps have to followed:

1. Create a Role

From  Magento Administration Panel please select: System/ WebServices / SOAP/XML-RPC – Roles

Click on “Add New Role” and name it “All”

Click on “Role Resources”, select “All” and then click on “Save Role”.

2. Create a User

Once a new Role is created, a User has to be created as well. From Magento Administration Panel select:

System / Web Services / SOAP/XML-RPC – Users.

Click on “Add New User” and fill in as follows using as API Key the string found on Qapla’ under: Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 1. Channel.

N.B. The user name MUST be “qapla” without any apostrophes.
Click on “Save User”.


3. Add the User to the Role

Click on “User Role”, select “All” and then click on “Save User”.


4. Check WS-I Compliance

Select System / Configuration / Magento Core API.


Check that WS-I Compliance = No

Set up Enable Cache WSDL = Yes

Click on “Save Configuration”.


5. Enter the data on Qapla’

The configuration of Magento is ended.

Complete the set-up on Qapla’ from Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2. E-commerce > Magento.

Select Magento and fill out the data: Username e Store ID.


Minimum reading permissions

In case of safety issues, here you can find the minimum reading permissions that Qapla’ needs to integrate with Magento.

Minimum writing permissions

In case of safety issues, here you can find the minimum writing permissions that Qapla’ needs to integrate with Magento.


Doesn’t it work?

Qapla’ uses official Magento API’s (Web Service).

These services are pre-installed and run in all correct Magento installations up to 1.9.X

If it does not work, you need to make your technical platform manager verify this matter.

For SOAP to work within the Magento application, the PHP SOAP extension ("") needs to be installed on the server. For RPM-based Linux distributions this is normally installed with the command "yum install php-soap". Note that the PHP SOAP extension is not the same thing as the PEAR SOAP extension

Attention: version

This Magento version has a well-known bug.
You can find here the solution:

Auto test Script

You can check your Magento Webservice connection by using this script:


Modules in Magento

The Module at the moment does not provide any support.

It’s recommended to use the official Magento Web Services.