Integrate Qapla’ into Zendesk to manage your customer support tickets

It is possible to connect Qapla’ to Zendesk to manage your customer support tickets directly on Zendesk.

This integration enables you to see orders and shipments using your customer’s email address when a ticket is opened on Zendesk. But also, you can monitor the current status of shipments:


To connect Qapla’ to Zendesk it is necessary to follow the steps below:

1. Download the APP

Download our official APP (File Zip) directly on Zendesk by clicking on this link:

App Qapla’ – Zendesk


2. Sign in to your Zendesk

Going in settings “Admin” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click on “Manage” and then on “Upload private APP”.


3. Upload the APP

Please insert the APP Name, for example, Qapla’.

Upload the File Zip already downloaded by clicking on “Choose File”, then click on “Upload”.


4. Agree to Terms of Use of the Zendesk Marketplace

Agree to Terms and Conditions by clicking “Upload”.


5. Fill in the Token API Key

It is necessary to insert the Token API Key you find on Qapla’s Control Panel in:
Settings > External Plugin > Zendesk

Insert the Key in the “Token API Key” field and click on “Install”.


6. Enable the channel on Qapla’

To conclude the procedure, please select the channel on Qapla’ to connect to the Zendesk APP.

Going in: Settings > External Plugin > Zendesk