How to assign automatically a carrier to an order?

With this function you can set personalized rules to pre-assign automatically a courier to an order.

Within the channel configuration, in section 5. Import > Orders you will find the panel to manage the rules.

This feature is enabled only for channels which have at least 2 active carriers to create labels.


The courier can be assigned according to one or more of these parameters:

  • Order weight
  • Amount of Payment on Delivery
  • Destination post-code

Examples of rules:

  • orders heavier than 5kg to be assigned to NEXIVE
  • orders with an COD amount higher than 100 € to be assigned to SDA
  • orders lighter than 2kg and with a post-code included between 10000 and 20000 to be assigned to BRT


Rules configuration

The rules to be configured have to be set on Qapla’  here:
Channels > [Channel name] > Configure > 5. Imports > Orders

1. Set-up a default carrier

First you shall choose a default courier for each country (at the moment the rules can be set only for Italy or Spain).

This will be the default rule, that will be applied if no other rule is met.

The default rule cannot be deleted when there are other rules for the same country, but the courier of the default rule can be changed.


2. Set-up the rules

Then the customized rules can be configured for the country:

  • Give a name and a courier to the rule
  • Choose one of the conditions and fill out the conditional value


Each rule can have from 1 to 3 conditions, only one condition per parameter or only one condition for WEIGHT, POD amount (Payment On Delivery) or ZIP CODE.

You can enter an unlimited number of rules for each country.


3. Order the rules

If two or more rules are met for an order, the last found one will be applied, so it is important to sort the rules with a priority sequence.

N.B. The default rule does remain still on the first place.


4. Make a test

Once entered all the rules you can ‘test’ the operation with the appropriate tool, entering the values you want to double check.


Attention, please: The rules that use the ‘weight’ parameter will be applied only if the weight value is imported at the moment of order import. If the ‘weight’ field is empty, the weight-based rules will NOT work.