Connect BigCommerce with Qapla’

In order to connect BigCommerce with Qapla’, you have to follow these steps:


1. Create an API Account

In BigCommerce control panel click on Advanced Settings > API Account
Create API account > Create API V2/v3 token

2. Activate the following permissions
and click on “Save”

    • Customers: read only
    • Orders: modify
    • Orders transaction: modify
    • Products: read only

The procedure will produce the BigCommerce API access data and also a TXT file that will be automatically downloaded.

In TXT file there are the necessary connection data, i.e.: Access token and Store hash.

The latter makes up the API PATH, so you need to locate it this way:[ STORE HASH ]/v3/


3. Complete the configuration on Qapla’

Going on: Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2. E-commerce >