Connect Shopify to Qapla’

In order to connect Qapla’ to Shopify please follow the steps below:


1. Install our App

Install our APP directly from this link: Qapla’ Connector 

Click on “Add App”.


2. Follow the instructions

Copy  Shop Name and Qapla’ Token that you find once installed the app:

Paste Shop Name and Qapla’ Token on Qapla’ under:

Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2. E-commerce


Once entered the data on Qapla’ control panel, please double check them to be correct, therefore the following steps must be respected:

  1. Enter the access data and click on “Verify”
    If the data are correct they will be highlighted in green after some seconds.
  2. Go on saving and then click on “Save and test”