Print SEUR Labels with Qapla’

To create SEUR shipping labels directly on Qapla’, it is necessary to request your SEUR commercial contact the Webservice Production Credentials:

  • User
  • Password
  • CCC
  • CI
  • Customer Code
  • Allowance
  • NIF
  • WSDL
  • URI
  • Location

For international shipments, please request:

  • user dpd
  • password dpd
  • customer business unit dpd  (can be the same as field “Allowance”)
  • customer code dpd

Request also the Webservice “Consulta de Expediciones” Credentials in order to track your shipments:

  • User
  • Password



It is possible to print SEUR labels in the following formats:

A4 (1 label per sheet)

Print on a Laser Printer an A4 with 1 label per sheet.

Download an example file PDF


ZPL (1 label per sheet)

To print your SEUR labels in ZPL format in your Zebra Printer, download and install the following driver: