Management of GLS ware on hold release

Function available for Italy.

In order to release the ware on hold with GLS directly on Qapla’, it is necessary to make your carrier’s contact person enable:

  • Ware on Hold Release with XML
  • Password
  • Any contract code


Available instructions

Once activated this function, the provisions related to the ware on hold release can be transmitted directly from Qapla’, choosing one of the following instructions:

  • To return to the same address
  • To deliver to another address
  • To return to the sender
  • To destroy
  • The consignee picks up the goods in seat
  • Partial delivery and to return
  • Partial delivery and to destroy


Besides the following options can be added:

  • New delivery date
  • Telephone notice
  • Cancellation of the cash on delivery or amount amendment.