How to upload orders from CSV on Qapla’

This procedure allows to import orders on Qapla’ from a CSV file.

1. Create a CSV file

Download the example file

2. Fill the file out

With the necessary data, following order and list of the fields below indicated.

3. Enter

Enter the file on the panel of Qapla’, going on the labels home and clicking on: Actions > Import > I

This way you will be able to upload the file and select the channel you want to import it in. In order to proceed, please click on “Start importing”.

List of CSV fields

Create the text file taking into account the following fields (fields with * are mandatory and values must be separated by “;” semicolon):

Field Description Mandatory
Reference* Alphanumeric reference of the order
Order ID* Numerical reference of the order
Carrier The courier code of Qapla’: courier codes list Not
Courier Service Possible type of courier service; for instance it can be the contract code of GLS Italia or the tariff code of BRT: service code list Not
Status* The order status (processing, complete, etc.)
Created* Date of order creation (date format: YYYY-MM-DD)*
Modificated* Date of order update (date format: YYYY-MM-DD)
Name* Consignee’s name
Address* Consignee’s address
Town* Consignee’s city
Province* Consignee’s province
Post Code* Consignee’s post-code
Country* Consignee’s country
Email* Consignee’s email
Telephone Consignee’s telephone Not
Price Shipment amount. Please specify only one separator (the dot) for decimals and do not use separators to indicate thousands. Give a maximum of two decimal digits. Example: 2340.23 Not
Payment* Payment type
Is COD It is true if the payment is Cash On Delivery Not
Notes Any order notes Not
Weight Any order weight Not
Packages Any order packages Not
Length Possible dimensions: length Not
Width Possible dimensions: width Not
Height Possible dimensions: height Not
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