To connect Qapla’ to Ecwid platform please follow the steps below:

1. Log-in to your Ecwid account and Install the APP

Log-in to Ecwid by clicking on this link in order to download the APP:

APP Ecwid

2. Log-in with Qapla’ access data

From the Ecwid control panel please go on “Settings”.

Enter your Qapla’ access data (username and password) used to access to Qapla’.


3. Enabling channels

To enable the channels existing in your Qapla’ account, they have to be selected, this way it is possible to import orders and/or shipments in the selected channel.



4. Check on the connection

For a further connection test that plugin installation Ecwid and its connection to Qapla’ control panel properly work, you need to go to Qapla’ control panel, in this section:
Settings > [Channel Name] > 2. e-commerce

If the Ecwid Plaform is selected as e-commerce platform and the fields such as “Store ID” and “Access Token” are present, it means that the connection is ok and complete, as these fields are automatically filled in.