How to set-up the email server SMTP?

In order to send emails to customers, you have to set up a dedicated mail server on  Qapla’ for bulk mailings. To make this configuration, you need to go to Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 8. Mail server, and fill in the section with access data:

  • Server
  • Login
  • Password
  • Port
  • Secure


Select Port between: 465, 587 or Other smtp port indicating the right one, and select the Secure type.

Once entered all the data and clicked on “Update”, you will be able to check if your server does work through the “Test” tool available.



Gmail of G Suite: SMTP forward

Gmail is not usable, because of its sending limits.

G Suite, on the other hand, provides the SMTP forwarding service in order to direct the outgoing mail through Google.

To enable it, the following steps have to be done:

G Suite Admistrator’s Guide: SMTP Relay

In point 6, in the section “Authorized senders” you must select the point “Only Google Apps users registered in my domains”

In point 7, under “Authentication” please select “Require SMTP authentication”.

Account access settings for less secure apps: to enable (on ON).


Don’t you have a mail server?

If you don’t have a mail server or if your server is not suitable for bulk sending, you can purchase our safe and guaranteed SMTP on Store > Mail Server.