Connect Prestashop to Qapla’

The connection takes place through official Prestashop webservices.

In order to make Qapla’ communicate with your Prestashop, you have to follow these steps:


1. Activate the Webservices

From Prestashop administration panel select: Advanced Parameters / Webservice.

Activate “Enable PrestaShop WebService” and save.

2. Add a new access key

Click on “Add a new access key”

Click on “Create!” and save the key on Qapla’.

Click on the first checkbox “View (GET)” to give access to all data as read only and save.


3. Writing permissions to update orders

The status writing must be enabled in the webservice permissions on Prestashop.


4. Enter the data on Qapla’

For what concerns Prestashop, the configuration is ended.

Now write the Prestashop key previously created within Qapla’ going on: Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2.ecommerce:


Doesn’t it work?

Qapla’ uses the API (Web Services) ufficiali di Prestashop.

If it doesn’t work,  you need to enable the CGI mode for PHP, going on Prestashop administration panel and selecting: Advanced parameters / Webservice: enable CGI mode for the PHP.