Connect Qapla’ to Magento 2

To connect Qapla’ to your Magento 2 with Two-Factor Authentication enabled option, please follow the steps below:

1. Connection

From Magento Administration Panel select: System / Integrations


Select “Add New Integration”.

Within the section ” Integration Info” fill out the field “Name” with “Qapla Integration” and the field “Your Password” with your own personal password. Then select API.


Click on “Role Resources” and select  “All” or select the minimum permissions here below.



Click on “Save & Activate”.

Confirm the integration.

Copy the Access Token from this section.

2. Enter the Access Token on Qapla’

Complete the set-up on Qapla’ from Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2. E-commerce > Magento 2.

Select Magento 2 and fill out the part dedicated to the Integration with site URL and Access Token

N.B. The Access Token will always be accessible selecting “Qapla Integration” from the section System / Integrations.