How to set-up and personalize your Tracking Page?

The section to manage the tracking page in  Qapla’  is located in your account in: Channels> [Channel Name] > Configure > 10. Marketing > Tracking Page.

To proceed with the configuration you have to create a new template, selecting in the section indicated “Create new”.


Creation of new Template

Once selected “Create new”, a new editor page will open up, where you can customize your tracking-page by entering different customized contents in the appropriate spaces: logo, banners, scripts, html or texts.

To do this you will need to select the desired area and indicate the creativity type to enter.

On the right side an area dedicated to contents will appear, according to the creativity type chosen.

You can set-up and customize by language as well.

Remember to save and enter a name for the created template!


Final enabling of new tracking-page for all your customers

After creating the template these two basic steps will be needed:

  1. ACTIVATE the chosen template (you can activate one per language).
  2. ENABLE the display of the new tracking-page for all your customers.



Useful information

  • If new templates are not configured but the new editor is enabled,  a basic version containing only the logo will  be visible to all your customers, if the latter has been entered in the initial settings of Qapla’.
  • Besides you can customize your tracking-page  URL buying the product from Store > Tracking/Email.