Connect Qapla’ to Magento 2

To connect Qapla’ to Magento 2 platform please follow the steps below:

1. Create a Role

From  Magento Administration Panel select: System > User Roles and then click on “Add New Role”.

Give the role a new name, for example “WebServices”.

Click on “Role Resources” and select “All” or select the minimum permissions here below.

Click on “Save Role”, and if requested, clean out the cache of Magento 2.


2. Create a User

Once a new Role is created, a User has to be created as well. From Magento Administration Panel please select: System / All users and then, click on “Add New User”

Fill in as follows, paying attention the user name to be “qapla” without the apostrophe ‘.

Take note of the password assigned (to put then on Qapla’).

Click on “Save User”.


3. Add the User to the Role

Click on “User Role” and select the Role “Web Service” created earlier.

Click on “Save User”.


4. Enter the data on Qapla’

The configuration on Magento 2 is ended.
Complete the set-up on Qapla’ from Channels > [Channel Name] > Configure > 2. E-commerce > Magento 2.
Select Magento 2 and fill out the part dedicated to the Integration with Admin Login (OBSOLETE)